Friday, January 06, 2006

Shooting our foot again - yan ang hula ko for 2006

Early last year the government was talking about fiscal crisis...some even were talking about the doom of the Philippine economy given the massive debts that we have. Some respected economists even projected a default! And debt ratings were negative. But with prudent financial management, and efforts to reduce the budget deficit, and passing the EVAT...most people are now talking about "take offs". Ang bilis naman magbago ng hanginan!

The peso is now at 52 something to the dollar. I cannot say this is good or bad. For me, because I am an OFW, it is bad. For a year, if this current rate prevails, or if it goes down to 50 to the dollar, with my projected savings of at least 10,000 dollars a year...I would lose something like...10,000 x 6 pesos = 60,000 pesoses on exchange rate. Diba malaki ito?

Pero, cge lang...anyway I am happy to know that the country's economy is improving or is it? At saka, hehehehe, what can I do if the peso moves to 50? Wala diba?

Anyway, ano hula ko?

But, as always, the country's politicians would not let good events continue, would they? They know that they will only thrive during scandals, bad economy, and when people wallow in poverty. The perverts would need to be in the media and on camera again! And they will try to do anything to achieve that. Or else their career and businesses would collapse, hehehe. So ang hula ko....we will shoot our foot, again, hehehe.

The trapos will drag the country again down to its knees. As always, sisimulan na naman through tsismis and disinformation. Mahilig kasi ang mga Pinoy sa tsismis eh... hehehe. Another big scandal..... and in a few months, the country will be back in turmoil again - courtesy of our greedy politicians. Politicians who sworned to serve our people!

These events will be aided and facilitated by media, especially ABS-CBN because it needs to recover its loses in viewership with GMA-7. Besides, the Philippine media profits and thrive with tsismis and scandals, diba? So....there....that woman again, hehehe...the Doris Bigornia...will try to irate people again....and of course I'll ready the Potters wand para matubuan ng pangil o kaya buntot ang babaeng yan, hehehe.

So, just stay cool, keep your dollars, as it would be back to 56, even to 60 again, soon.

Let's see.