Friday, January 06, 2006

Pinoy R and D in Al Khobar

For lack of nothing to do, my friends and I enrolled for a PC assembly class sponsored by one of the Filipino Organization in Al Khobar. The course cost 400 SAR. So...ang mga matatanda will go to school again, hehehehe. I joined this class so I can upgrade my PC when I go for vacation in the Philippines, by myself, without hiring any technician. If the course outline is to be believed, I think it is so simple that it would really be good to make it part/requisite for every High School in the Philippines as part of Practical Arts subject. Meron pa bang Practical Arts ngayon? It would be nice to know that every high school graduate in the country knows how to assemble and upgrade a PC diba?

Anyway, we will continue our education. We will also enroll for PC trouble shooting and networking. My friend even wants to go as far as programming, hehehehe, ano ba to...kong kailan tumanda, tsaka mag-aaral, hehehe.

Anyway, (again, hehe) this Filipino organization is really interesting...they have an R and D program, and they are developing technologies. The instructor even said that, they have some thirty technologies that are being developed at the moment...just by their group, wow! I saw one of their demo on power generation. It was made of PVC pipes filled with water with chlorox; and some wires, and when tested; it generated around 18 volts of electricity. Note that I saw it with my own eyes, i.e. the assembly of that thing from simple PVC pipes, to the attachment of wires, and to the filling of water - and I can tell if tricks were involved! Although I am skeptical because I remembered Dingle.....but after some explanation was for real...and really works.

Now that's something...power generation using water!

Now before you flame me with anything.. hoax whatever,....... all I can say is.. I saw it myself - and it was for real! The downside I think was that...what can we do with just 18 volts? I also don't know if that thing needs water replacement every minute, hehehe. Or it has to have some cholorox every hour - which would make our laundry woman mad, hehehe. I am not an engineer, and I dont know anything much about that stuff, so....ewan ko.
Anyway, what I am interested the PC thing, hehehehe.