Monday, February 27, 2006

So ... what are the options?

OK if the current administration falls, what are the options?

1. Transistion government run by the communists and suspension of everything for 1000 days? No elections, whatever,…. you sure they will not turn the country into a Cambodia? Care for human rights? Do you remember Operation Ahos? How they purge their members by mere suspicion – and blame the government for their evil deeds? And the clergy…what are they thinking? Mingling with people who pray to Joma Sison, hello….

Sayang si Randy David…his wife is with government, why don’t he ask her to resign, if he hates the current administration and wants to set up a transition government. Is he dreaming to become a Polpot? Baka……., he is getting old and slippin to stupidity, I guess, hehe.

2. A military junta? Headed by Abat? You sure you want this? Well…another one, hehehe.

3. A government runs by ERAP? Well the sons are funding to resurrect the actor to the Palace. You sure you want him back?

4. A government run by the has beens – desperate politicians? Pimentel, Drilon, et al? Franklly, Pimentel should resign and retire – nothing good and appealing is coming out from the mouth of that old silly senile- old man. Kulobot na sya and every time he appears on TV he looks so desperate and silly!

5. A government run by De Castro? You sure he can run a country and fight a coup de etat? Will the 40 Billion Meralco refund be solve? What about the 40 Billion overdue with Napocor? Kalas?

6. A government run by Susan Roces with Rez Cortez as Presidential Economic adviser….well. Jingoy, Loi and JV will ask for a cut of the pie… Cabinet positions maybe…hmmm.

Choose! Which option? I wonder what sort of drama and headlines we would be creating for the world to enjoy once these groups starts fighting for power when La Gloria is gone? Hehehehe.

Take note: all of them are claiming to fight for the people's interests! Hehehehe. Kakatawa diba?