Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Get on with life

Goodness.... I hate stress. Its been a very stressful week, first those political coups whatever during the past few days made my mind reveling...glued to the TV. This start...spiralled into may things...I was not able to do my work targets...and now panicking...which I hate.

I also traded forex...with out much got holding a losing trade. But closed it rule number one is: do not hold a trade with more than 30 pips in the red. Its not arbitrary of course, it will depend on resistance, recent high or recent lows. I am appaled to read in the Oanda forum that some guys are holding trades with more than 500 pips onthe red?, I will only hold a trade when it is on the black after a 30 minutes...if not I close it matter what my initial analysis were. Why? because my method, and if my analysis is will move to my least by 5 to 10 pips after 30 minutes!

Anyway, thanks ..... now that...everything is quite in the homeland again, probably most of us, including me, can now focus with our work, obligations, and targets, whatever.

PS: My trade now is short EUR/CHF and 15 pips on the black, stop loss on recent high (1.5670), expecting to pocket hundreds of pips.