Saturday, March 11, 2006

An internet post changed my life.

Napanood ko sa TFC, many graduates are finding it hard to find a job in the Philippines. For those finding it hard to find a job... I want to share my story....baka my mapulot sila/kayo.

Way back in 1997-98, I was jobless, everyday I was waiting for something… a letter….a call.. but nobody was writing or calling. I applied in almost 20 companies and government agencies in my province in the Visayas but nobody wanted to hire me! I was desperate!

I told myself – subukan mo kahit ano! Mag metro-aide ka, mag waiter..mag babysitter….whatever. I needed a job to feed myself. I needed a job, so I can buy my beers and cigarettes. And one day…after many days of sending job applications – I come across a scholarships posting in the internet. I sent my application – ala namang mawawala eh. After a week of sending the application, I have forgotten it, thinking that it would be like the dozens of applications I sent out which I haven’t gotten a reply.

Then – one day, several months after I sent my application, in September 1998, when I was feeling hopeless of finding a job… when self pity was about to set in – I received an email, a letter by post, and a fax telling me to go to the Belgian Embassy to get my VISA! I also received a contract telling me about my benefits, my monthly allowance (5x of my expected salary if ever I got hired in one of those jobs I applied). I got the VISA, I flew to Frankfurt, and stayed in Europe for two years….studying for free! The rest was history. Apart from being able to tour Europe, visiting the Louvre, and the streets, and flowers of Amsterdam among other places….I have now the guts to leave a job paying me 75K a month.

Now….I realized that the reason I was never hired in one of those jobs I applied in my province, was because something was in store for me! Something 100x better.

Now I am a believer of……believe! Hope! Things happen for a reason. When a door closes, another opens. ...whatever that means.