Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Hypocrites

Cory Aquino had been asking for supreme sacrifices…please resign, blah blah. The problem is, she now lacks credibility herself, however, that lost credibility can be restored if she does the sacrifice first: distribute Hacienda Luisita to the farmers now – OK? Then I may agree to the calls of supreme sacrifice. For all I know, she is rallying for every opportunity she can get – so she can save the Hacienda. Hyprocrite, indeed! Sayang…please stop desecrating the memory of Ninoy.

Satur Ocampo, Beltran et-al and their communist allies, these are another set of hypocrites and scoundrels. Where were they during EDSA-1? They were not there, they boycotted the elections, and they called EDSA 1 a sham! A Sham and fake -Remember? Now they are out their celebrating….hello…celebrating their betrayal of what the people wanted at that time? Kapal nyo!

Why did they betray the people's interests in 1986? Well….well the communists and its allies – Bayan Muna et al only wanted an armed revolution. They just want to shoot and kill our military, put the petty bourgoise in jails, shut down the whole country, and outlaw religion! Among others….

They are now out their – celebrating their betrayal of peoples interest in 1986! Hyprocites!

These people should be investigated where they are spending their pork barrels. How much, ilang porseyento are going to the communist party? If you tell me na wala, I will tell you – I was not born yesterday. Sa mga progressive NGOs lang, sinisingil nila ng butaw at porsyento – kaya sila pa. Please don’t lie! Paano naming kayo paniniwalaan, kong kayo ay sinungaling? Ang tanong, magkano? Ilang prosyento?