Thursday, December 01, 2005

Nasal Torture

Last night, I went to visit a friend in Al Khobar. His flat was on the 10th floor. Going up to the 10th floor by stairs would have been difficult, so I used the elevator; although I often use the stairs in the office when going 1 to 3 floors from my level. Anyway, when I went inside the elevator, the smell was horrendous and terrible… as in! hehehe, I immediately tried going out from the elevator but then the door suddenly closed. Voila…I was closeted with a smelly Asian guy in going to the 10th floor. The smell was difficult to bear that I tried controlling my breath, hehehe. My mind was literally shouting to the elevator to hurry up! 4..5..6..7..8..9...10; thank you. After a few horrible minutes of nasal torture, I finally was able to go out of the elevator panting and dizzy, hahahahaha. I wonder what would happen if I got stuck with that guy for hours in the elevator…..hmmn?

Ano kaya ang dahilan bakit ganon nalang ang amoy nila? Is it their food? Hindi kaya sila naliligo? Going down on the same elevator (the building has just two), ang amoy ay nandoon pa – it lingered, no kidding!