Monday, November 28, 2005

A Better Day….in Paradise

The peso is up in the morning trading in the Philippines to 53.96 to the US dollar. Really?

The government is planning to pre-terminate some of its loans! Really?

The country is on top of the medal ranking on the on-going SEA Games. Really?

Prices of basic commodities have been stable, some are going down despite the imposition of the EVAT. Why? What happened?

Oil prices have been rolled back several times already! Ah… OK, because prices in the world market have also been going down.

And most importantly, I just got an 800 SAR salary increase per month. Napasama ako doon sa listahan ng mga 15% increase hehehe.

What will be my best day?

Pagnanalo ako sa 6/49 lotto, weeee haaahhh. Kailan kaya yon?

Everyone, smile, hug, and have a nice day!

It’s a better day… paradise, sana tuloy tuloy na ito!