Thursday, December 08, 2005

Job Adapter

I "partly" agree with the post in entitled TIPS ON SEARCHING FOR JOBS OVERSEAS; that sometimes it is advantageous to apply directly to the company you want to work with than pass through a recruitment agency in Manila.

How did I find my job in 2003? I search the internet, checked some company websites, and I found one post, whose job requirements I thought kaya ko, although medyo malayo sa pinag-aralan ko. So I tailored my CV, send it by email, and in less than 3 hours, believe it or not, I got a reply. I was interviewed the following day. And I departed Manila for Bahrain a week after I sent my application by email.

I blogged before that I came here in Saudi through a tourist VISA which my employer kept on extending 2 to 3 months at a time. At first, my company only provided me with a 7 days business VISA to Bahrain. And a Gulf Air ticket that I picked up in Makati. The funny thing was, when I departed, I only showed a scanned copy of my Bahrain VISA to the immigration officer in Manila. The immigration officer was strict and would not let me pass and take my flight. But after showing him my return ticket indicating a return flight to Manila within a week, the immigration officer relented. Good thing he did not asked me how much money I had on my pocket – otherwise hindi ako makaka-alis. I only had less than 500 pesos in my pocket at that time.

Anyway, upon reaching Bahrain, I was met by one of the staff that brought me to the Saudi Embassy to obtain a tourist VISA to enter KSA. This was how I was able to work here for a few months in 2003. The advantage of this arrangement was that, I was always carrying my passport and open return ticket with me; which means I could depart KSA anytime.

Ang bilis! Yup it was that fast because most of the expats in the office (that was hiring me) left for their respective countries due to their governments advisory. The "coalition of the willing" at that time was about to attack Iraq. Indeed, a week after I arrived in KSA, the US forces was in Iraq.

Now, at work, remember that I tailored my CV. I immediately turned myself to learning mode, hehehe, in other words I have to learn as quickly as possible about my job and its nitty gritty. Good thing…. there's Google. So my daily routine was: work and search, work and download, work and print; and read at night. After three months, hehehe, naging expert na kuno ako sa trabaho ko. A job which is remotely related to my college degree….as in malayo talaga. Of course, tuloy tuloy pa rin and self schooling ko hanggang ngayon. The truth is, pwede na akong bumili ng titulo sa Recto.

Syempre….wagi tayo! Noong alam ko na work ko, I told my Boss, yoko na…uwi na ako. Syempre hindi sya pumayag. So….I asked him to show me the money. Syempre…wagi pa rin tayo that’s the reason why my salary rate, which I mentioned in my previous blog, ay dalawa, one low and one high hehehehe…tsaring!

When I returned here in 2004, my employer provided me an Iqama. Because of that, I have to go through the costly medical procedure in Manila, POEA, and OWWA. Pero OK lang din, at least now I am a documented OFW.

How long would I stay here pa? 10 more months at the least, and 22 more months at the most. Bakit? Kasi nagiging tamad na ako, and also, I feel na nagiging mapurol na ako. I need sharpening, so I guess I have to go…. Pero sayang naman ang pera…..oo, pero…. I already got what I came here for by then. Marahil ay sapat na yon….