Sunday, December 11, 2005

More Underwater Photographs Needed

A few days back, a change order to the project proposal of one of our clients in Half Moon Bay have been approved. The project was extended until February next year. Thus, today we were supposed to dive again to obtain more underwater photographs to finalize our report. However, the weather was not very cooperative. We need a calm, windless weather so that water would be placid and clear; you know,.. clear water, clear photos. Yes…it's very cold now because the winter has sets in (temperature is 14 to 18 C); imagine yourself diving into the water at this time of the year, hehehe…good thing the wind was not that cooperative (wind speed was 13 mph). So we were spared temporarily. But there’s no escaping this work – we have to, because we have to hehehe. Anyway, we will try to finish this work soonest before the water temperature turns really, really cold. Grrr...lamig.