Friday, June 13, 2014

Google Map and Google Street View

I just have walk or visited the places I have lived with years ago! It is so amazing that with the current technology I was able to walk the streets of  Brussels Belgium, Frankfurt Germany, Amsterdam, the streets of Chicago among other places. You can do this as well and be nostalgic of the past like me.

Just visit: and go to your selected city. Once there, zoom on it, and just click the yellow guy and put him on the street where you want him to be.

Once on the street , click on it  and you will be on the ground. You can choose whether you want to walk, take a public bus, or take a car.

Below is the gasoline station where I buy cigarettes everyday, when I was living in  Brussels Belgium for a few years, many years ago! Amazing that this gas station is still there - and nothing - almost-  has changed! I guess, nothing changes much, except the people that would be in there now. As is everywhere that I have been to.


This Google technology would be more amazing if people would be able to enter museums and zoos  and watch what ever is inside...or perhaps enter car dealerships and see/drive the cars, enter the shops and look what are being sold, and chat with somebody on real time inside the shops, and buy something  inside  - online!


So...... I guess I will become an online tourists in the next few days using google maps street view!