Saturday, March 08, 2014

Pinoys as among the most hardworking bunch of people

On the news months back.

A foreigner has been banned from entering the country by Immigration an Commissioner . NAIA-BI officials reported that the woman allegedly turned rowdy and said: “You Filipinos are f___ing lazy!” which caused a commotion among the other passengers!!

Unfortunately many Filipinos agree with her.

For example, in the village where my farm is located, people would converge and tambay on the waiting shed of the village (it served as a social area and sort of center of the community) all day long. Gossips are the daily business of the day, when not drinking tuba or playing cards.

Their backyards are fertile, wide and available, yet nothing is planted apart from weeds. So if they need a lemon grass they have to walk 500 meters to my “nipa hut” to get lemon grass or pepper or camote tops among others. What I do is I ordered my caretaker to give a whole of bunch lemon grass with roots and instructions to plant them in their backyards which would take five minutes or less to do. But as always, they would come back and ask again and again, hehehe.


Of course not everyone is like these people. There are very hardworking, respectable, and responsible people in the village.

Laziness has many reasons. Pinoys are not inherently lazy. I guess it has something to do with the environment. I lived overseas, in many parts of the globe, and I have seen Pinoys as among the most hardworking bunch of people.