Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dudong ang asawa ni Inday

By Pepot

Dudong is the husband of Inday both graduated elementary at SPED in their native Province of Samar. Dudongs’ father is the schools’ honest and loyal utility man, while his mother a grade school teacher. Dudong is an extra ordinary student who loves reading all sorts of books at the school library during their recess hours, he also excel in scouting. Always at the 1st row (never row 4). He graduated with honors after high school, best in gardening and practical arts. He had the highest score in science too.

After graduating high school, Dudong tried his luck in Manila promising his parents to finish his college while he works part time as a security guard. He presently lives with his aunt somewhere in the Makati slums. His first guard station was at the Glorieta 2 mall entrance.

He was interviewed by a popular TV station after the Glorieta Blast. Below are excerpts:

Reporter (R) – Sir, ano po ang nakita nyo nung nagkaroon ng pagsabog?

Dudong (D) - Light travels faster than sound so I saw a glaring light first then heard a deafening big blast in a fraction of a second interval that blinded me also a few seconds because of the thick white smoke that followed the blast.

R- Nasugatan o nasaktan po ba kayo?

D- My training as a security guard which I took seriously and my instinct saved me; my reflexes were so fast that I immediately docked behind the wooden registration table, around two and a half inch thick of the entrance door. I had few minor scratches on my forehead though, but I am ok.

R- Sa tingin nyo po mga terorista ba ang nagpasabog ng mall?

D – For now I leave it to the experts to asses and analyze the situation, but my chemistry background in high school suggests that it may have indeed been a bomb.

R- Bakit po nyo nasabi iyon?

D-Because no such humongous explosion could occur on natural or accidental circumstances even with all the products that contain chemicals combined sold at the mall could create an explosion of this magnitude. I also discount the possibility of a LPG gas explosion because there should have been fire.

R- Ganun pu ba?

D- Well, that is just my opinion.

R- rrrrr, I see po.

R- sir, para pong kayo ang chief security dito? Are you a PMAer?

D- That has been my dream and will always probably be, to be the best soldier for our country and people. I may take the PMA exam come next semester. I am only 18 though and because of hardships, I was late in finishing my high school.

R- Sir kala ko po kasi kayo ang head ng security, ang talino nyo po kasi.

D- Everybody has the capacity to be intelligent, but a lot of hard work and study has to be done. Intelligence is not a gift, it is aquired.

R- Sir alam na po ba ng pamilya nyo na safe kayo?

D – Yes I already called my wife Inday through my celphone, she works abroad as a domestic helper.

R – Ano po sinabi nya sa iyo?

D – She said that she new I would always be safe, she trust my wits. But she too think that it could have been a bomb explosion, because what she saw on CNN after the blast was thick white smoke and not black.

R- Ano po ibig nyung sabihin?

D- Black smoke is emitted only from crude molecules. And these particles may only come from low density gasses such as diesel and petroleum gas. While white smoke after every blast studies showed, white smoke emits from compact high grade powdered explosive materials. That was her initial analysis which I also tend to agree too.

R – ah ok po…ok po...maraming salamat po…I kumusta nyo na lang po ako kay inday sir ha…

R – murmuring to himself “ hu dios mio, bat ang asawa ni Inday pa ang na interview ko, nag mumukha tuluy akong bobo! Hay ang mag asawang yan nga naman…”