Friday, December 07, 2012

Britain to allow gay marriages in churches

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FX first; for those who were short on dollars yesterday...

The dollar headed higher against the euro Friday, helped by surprise numbers in the November US jobs report, though the details still painted a less buoyant picture than the headline numbers. At 2200 GMT the euro was trading at $1.2928, compared to $1.2969 Thursday. The US Labor Department reported the unemployment rate fell to 7.7 percent in November, instead of a rise to 8.0 percent as most economists had expected. The economy spun out a net 146,000 new jobs, also beating estimates. 
 Any good update on the fiscal cliff would certainly move the dollar out!


For a conservative Roman Catholic Philippines ( yeah we have Muslims, Protestants, and a thousand other religions, but majority, around 80+%, are RCs), this move by the British government is unthinkable. It will take Philippines a hundred years or more to pass a law similar to this! Not that I am interested of this kind of law to be passed in the Philippines - I am just showing the cultural desparity of England and the Philippines; and how far behind we are!

Sadly, even passing a Law on Reproductive Health Bill is taking a decade because of the Church opposition to the Bill. We are not even sure that a watered down version of the Bill would be approve by Congress this December as publicized by the media. The Pnoy governmnet should rush this!

On the news:

Britain will announce plans next week to allow gay marriages in churches and other religious buildings, officials said Friday, although Prime Minister David Cameron insisted no faith group would be forced to hold them.

Culture Secretary Maria Miller will unveil ministers’ responses to a consultation earlier this year, which will propose that religious organisations should be able to ‘opt-in’ to hold same-sex weddings, according to a government source.
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