Saturday, May 03, 2014

Visit Cebu

What to see in Cebu?

Mactan Island
A coral island and famous scuba diving site, where beach resorts of international standards are located.

Malapascua Island
It has white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. The west coast is ideal for swimming and snorkeling but one should be careful because of unpredictable weather. A walk or tour on the whole island can be done within half a day.

Camotes Island
To cross the island, one has to go to Danao City, an hour away from Cebu City, or take a fastferry. There are two boats which travel to and from the island and Danao City everyday. One fastcraft travels from Cebu City.

Kawasan Falls
One can feel the surrounding lush greenery of the panoramic waterfalls.

Badian Island
Famous for beautiful corals, reefs, and white sandy beaches, making it an excellent diving spot.

Olango Wildlife Sanctuary
Migration starts from the birds’ breeding places of in Siberia, Northern China, and Japan.

Offers white sandy beaches and rich marine life for scuba diving. Notable as an excellent diving area is the water around Pescador Island.

Nonoc Cave
Very picturesque view, shelter for picnic goers and bathers.

Mactan Island
Famous for its beach resorts of international standards and excellent diving, its proximity to Cebu makes it a prime destination for local and foreign travelers.

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