Thursday, August 27, 2009

Noynoy Aquino for President?

Noynoy Aquino
Mar Roxas
Manny Villar
Erap Estrada
Noli de Castro

From these five is the next President of the RP. There are many more people dreaming for the top job, but it is only these five that have the chance to go to Malacanang in 2010.


Aquino? Possibly, but will need financing.
Roxas? ? Could be, has the money
Villar? Good chance, has the money
Erap? will be disqualified
De Castro? Most likely, if endorsed by GMA and supported financially.

But given that it will be computerized, then there will only be two criteria that weigh most:

  • Machinery including money and party influence in the grass roots
  • Popularity

So let me put it this way:

Aquino: P 65%, M 15% = 80%
Roxas: P 50%, M 20% = 70%
Villar: P 50%, M 15% = 75%
De Castro: P 55%, M 30% = 85%


For Aquino to win, he will need machinery ( Liberal Party and possibly another party) and money. If INC, Velarde, or Erap or Ramos supports him, he will win.

For Villar, he needs to be more popular. He has time to do it. He could win but it will cost him lots of money. If Erap supports him he will have a better chance. And if INC and Velarde supports him, he will be right by the door.

De Castro, his machinery should work harder in Mindanao and Visayas. He could win. If the GMA operators work for him - he will be the next President.

My guess is, the next President will be among these 3. But who?