Wednesday, August 19, 2009

7 new National Artists

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has approved the nomination of Cecile-Guidote Alvarez, Manuel Urbano (aka Manuel Conde), Magno Jose “Carlo” Caparas, Federico Aguilar Alcuaz, Lazaro Francisco, Francisco “Bobby” Mañosa and Jose “Pitoy” Moreno as National Artists.

Among these national artists, the only one I know is Magno Jose “Carlo” Caparas. I didn't know that he is a Magno and Jose as well.

I grew up during the time when Komiks was a natural past time in our village. To be honest, I learned Tagalog or Filipino (we live in the Visayas), through Komiks. The national language, culture, life and many other things we learned from Komiks. We eagerly wait the arrival of new komiks weekly..until I grew up and TV became rampant, hehehe.

IMO, as among the nominees, I only know “Carlo” Caparas. I, honestly think that he is the only one deserving to be a National Artists among the recently proclaimed National Artists by Malacanang.

But that is my opinion. I am sure my views are shared by those who grew up in the Komiks days...whenever that was lolz.