Thursday, December 18, 2008

South Korean lawmakers brawl

It will be the time to vote PACMAN, Manny Pacquiao to Congress once brawling like this would be allowed. Definitely, he's one of the guys who would be able to ensure that the interests of those marginalized are protected.

In South Korea, lawmakers sledgehammer their way into a parliamentary meeting room barricaded by the ruling party over a free trade agreement bill with the United States, last Thursday.The opposition lawmakers were incensed by the ruling Grand National Party's move to submit the agreement to a committee on trade, thus setting in motion the process for approval in the legislature.

Yup, they do railroad a bill there, the way our Congress railroads bill inimical to GMAs continued stay in power.

Watch the brawl how they do it there. I am not wishing or recommending that this happen in the Philippine Congress, but if it does, it would be the time to campaign for Manny Pacquiao to win a congressional seat :). More about this, here's the link.