Monday, December 29, 2008

Heroes in PDEA

Major Ferdinand Marcelino made the Filipino people proud. During these times of blatant corruption, loss of confidence on governance, abusive police enforcers, and arrogant, power drunk LGU Mayor from a 5th class Municipality; exceptions abounds, that make us, the taxpayers, hopeful for 2009.

On the news today:

The P50-million alleged bribe to a Department of Justice (DoJ) official was just one of the many bribery offers to have the three “Alabang Boys” released from the custody of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) before Christmas.

Major Ferdinand Marcelino said the first bribery attempt began on the day of the arrest, with P3 million being directly offered to him.

He noted that after an encounter with rebels in Mindanao the battle was over. “But in the war on illegal drugs people in government whom you expect to help you are the ones who will destroy your operation,” he said.

But a second bribe attempt came, this time it was relayed through his mistah (classmate) at the Philippine Military Academy who is now out of the military service.

From P3 million, the offer was raised to P20 million. Declining the offer, Marcelino said he felt outraged and told every detail of the bribe attempt to his superior.

PDEA said last week it received information about a P50-million bribe to state prosecutors that resulted in the dismissal of the case against Brodett, Joseph and Tecson early this month.

Some state prosecutors were paid for recommending the dismissal of the charges against the suspects, according to Dionisio. Chief State Prosecutor Jovencito Zuño has denied??that he and the prosecutors who investigated and reviewed the case had been bribed into recommending the dismissal of the charges.
Sir, Major Ferdinand Marcelino make the Filipino people proud of you. Please keep up the good work.