Saturday, November 22, 2008

When and where is the stock market bottom?

When do we buy? or stay in the sidelines?

If you are into technical analysis when trading forex online, or stocks online, or commodities; it can never be avoided to looked at the technical side.

Our figures simply shows that it is possible for the DOW to go down as low as 6000. I do not see it breaking trend, but if it does, not much lower than 5000. After that, 15000 would be an easy reach, but my guess is, the jump would only take around a quarter (3 months) creating hundreds , if not millions of instant millionaires. This one is only good for those brave souls that are ready to jump.

That is it. Be ready - jump when the time comes, as these kind of lows and opportunities only comes once or twice in a hundred years.

Be careful, once it moves up to 15000, correction could occur that could bring it back to 10000, before it shoots up again to its highest high beyond 16,000. That's Fibo, at work.

Do not trade based on this advise, I am just a blogger, seek a professional opinion somewhere else.