Friday, September 12, 2008

Forecasts update on Peso, Gold and Oil

Last year, I said Gold could reach 1000$ an ounce, it did.

Last June 9,2008 I said Peso could reach 47.00, it is now there. I am revising it now, it could reach 48 to 49 by end of October, but will start strengthening by November until around 1st week of January 2009.

After Gold reach 1000$, I then said in May 11, 2008 to get out from Gold and Oil as they are going to fall soon. Now Gold is hundreds down (760$ right now), and Oil is around 100$ (down by 45). So? Oil is going down if damage in Texas is not as much as expected, could reach 90 or even 85. Gold? Let's wait EU data.

I am not always right. I am a tiny trader wanna be. Consult a professional before you trade. Trade at your own risk.