Monday, March 17, 2008

Where is Gold - Part V

To be honest with you, if you followed me with Gold (on leveraged trading) - you could have pocketed a huge amount of dollars by now!

Ok, take my post last March 27, 2007, and in that post I said:

Despite the sideways movement of gold prices, I still feel very much bullish on this metal in the long term. Gold for April delivery closed down $1.40 at $662.50.

In my opinion, this is a good buy. I would buy, and sit on it for the rest of the year. My target is at least double its current price.

My reasoning for doing this - is something I cannot post, a gut feeling, and a dream.



Hong Kong gold prices closed at $1,024.50-$1,025 an ounce on Monday, up from Friday's finish of $995.00-$995.50, dealers said.

It opened at $1,002.00-$1,003.00 an ounce.

So what now? Hold or Sell?