Sunday, August 03, 2008

Selling the Soul

This is what I see. She had become a mirror.

She will do whatever she can to amend the constitution. Ways were tried before but they failed. Now, they are cooking something more sinister:

The creation of a PRACTICALLY A NEW STATE WITH “A DEFINED TERRITORY” and “a system of governance suitable and acceptable to [the Bangsamoro] as a distinct dominant people” in Mindanao under the proposed Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) on Ancestral Domain between the Philippine government and the separatist Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

Signing of the agreement is fast and quick: MOA was made public last July 24, and signing on August 5. Ten days. It sounds to me like a lease agreement for a condo unit, or a boarding house!

Why are they in a hurry??

  • Inquirer sources privy to the peace process said the proposed agreement with the MILF would require amending the Constitution.
  • Has the time table been set, now that its August 2008, to amend the constitution before May 2010 comes?
  • Or the government deliberately want to foment chaos, so Martial can be declared?

Which is which?


"i want stay in power, hmmm"

In exchange for what? Possibly:

  • To grant MILF the status of belligerency and opens the door for a self-declaration of independence. Or create a hundred years war similar to Israel and Palestine?

For what?

"i wanna stay in power"

I saw a film of Brad Pitt in similar context.

And what does Tamano have to say?

"Obviously, GMA is not empowered to give up any part of our country to any group. Only the Filipino people can do that in their sovereign capacity and only via amending the Constitution," he said. "GMA, being a highly unpopular President, does not have the social capital to convince Filipinos to cede their territory, even for something as laudable as peace in Mindanao. So when the inevitable occurs and the government fails to deliver its promise to the MILF, the rebels will have a clear casus belli or a justification for acts of war," Tamano added.

Source and for more info:

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