Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dollar coins

Over the years, I accumulated various coins, from US dollar coins, to Canadian coins, to European coins (when the Euro was not around yet). I got a collection of Belgian, Netherlands, French, and German coins. I even had lots of African coins (big ones from Kenya and other African countries) . Of course, I got a few Asian coins from Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan.


Well over the past several months, my brothers' house got renovated and he took some coins for their house foundation. One of my sisters had their house constructed late last year, and she took some coins from my collection. Last summer, I renovated my house, and so I used some of the coins. Today, a few African coins, and one half dollar "John F. Kennedy" coin that I got from Vegas are left. I am not parting with the half dollar coin, hehehe!

What were we doing with these coins, if you are asking, and wondering?

Well.. we drop the coins to the foundations before, and during the pouring of cement we locally call "buhos". Hehehehe, I know it is weird, but it is a common belief among Pinoys, that you should drop coins, lots of it, if you have them, to provide luck and ensure prosperity in the house you are building.

Some, would even go to the extent of "padugo", that is, butchering a chicken or a pig, so that the blood can be spread around before any construction activity starts. This is to drive away bud luck and spirits.

I am blogging about this, because this morning, a relative came asking for dollar coins, and I said, What? hehehe.


PS: Inflation is tamer now around the provinces, prices of rice have went down by a Peso or two per kilo.