Sunday, August 10, 2008

Samut Sari

I dreamed something last night, not a nightmare though because I did not wake up afraid and sweating. Reviewing my post, I posted a bad dream two days before the China Earthquake. I didn't know it was an earth quake in China (duh! hehe), here is the link to that dream.

Last night my dream was about a big bomb somewhere. The dream was I did not know whether it exploded or not. The bomb was atomic in nature, I think.

I guess it is a signal to buy Gold, asap. ( Do not take me on this, invest at your own advice).


Got an option to buy a 1200 sqm lot in the City. This means I have to go on belt tightening in the next few months.


The PR of this blog improved this update, it is back to PR4. Thanks G.


My Peso forecast is boring. It is going to maintain its current range until November. Nothing drastic or unidirectional movement is anticipated - so nada, not moving money either way, for now.


The MOA with MILF is getting quieter by the day. My forecast is that the SC will declare the agreement unconstitutional.


This is all for now.