Monday, June 16, 2008

It is a secret

Sssshhh, do not tell anyone, hehehe.

I was having second thoughts whether I will post this or not. Nayway,

I spent more than 300K in the house renovation, spent more on other things, probably spent half a mil (all in all) this summer. And its been around three years now that I have been unemployed! Unemployed, and spending too much, hehehe.

Where did the money came from? Certainly not all came from adsense, or sponsors, or paid post. They helped, maybe 15% of the total expenses I incurred, the rest were sourced from my investments.

1. It came from this post , and this post . I loaned lots of mollah to rice farmers years ago. When I started the loan program, the cost of palay per sack was just around 300 pesos. This summer, the buying rate was almost 600 a sack. My earnings almost doubled.

2. I obtained more coconut farms years ago when the kilo of copra was only 15, today a kilo is around 40. My earnings more than doubled.

3. Gold went up to 1K US dollars, on leverage of 10:1. Money flowed.


Alright. Do not blame me. I just invested. I did not create the rice and oil crisis, nor for Gold to go up.

I just anticipated, and invested the money. The sweeter part is: I used dollars when the rate, at that time, was 1:56.

Hay....Life is like that, I guess.Hehehe.



What is next? Think, and think. Hmmmmmm.