Saturday, October 28, 2006

Harvest Time

Where I have been the past few days?

I was going around the farms here. It's been harvest time. I have been busy collecting my Palay from my farmers loan program.

Although, my loan program is 20% cheaper than the prevailaing market rates, still a 100T investments gives a return of 20K every six months or 40K a year. Now, I dont know how much is my total exposure on this business ( but it is huge on my financial terms - mahirap lang kasi ako), as it keeps on growing every few months or target is to roll over 50% of my interest on capital every six months to ensure that this business would keep on growing. Who knows where will this business be, five years from now?

This business is enjoyable. The feeling that I was able to help the farmers send their children to school, help them buy farm inputs, and provide them with information on latest farming technologies, and at the same time earning money on my part, is the best arrangement for me.

Parang bakasyon lang...pero kumikita.

PS. I did some calculation re converting the palay to rice, instead of selling them directly to the local Chinese buyers here (they had the monopoly here). If I did this, my profits would increase by around 30%. This is the next plan, but this will take me two to three more years because of lack of capital (I need to save and save, hehe). Hopely by then I would be able to raise the money to construct a bodega, and to purchase a rice miller and dryer, and a truck.