Saturday, May 03, 2008

Why? Why is this happening?

I got many things/issues to post. But I have been terribly busy - and lazy the past few days.
So what's up?
1. The house renovation is taking longer than I expected. It did'nt look as easy as it should have been. (Sounds familiar?, yup..its Murphy's Law, and when he is around, I dread it, or him). Not only that, the cost as well reach proportions ....that my pocket can barely bear it...any longer, hehehehe.
2. My rice trading business, one of the profitable stores located in a market, got problems. My designated and trusted person running it just disappeared, he gave me just 12 hours notice, from 6 pm to 6 am the following morning. Hay... I almost stocks are worth a few tens of K, and nobody was running it.
3. My vehicles "person in-charge " just visited me this morning and ask for maintenance budget "asap"....and the money and cash I got, was just the exact amount I had in my pocket. I was penniless, not a peso for an hour or two! hahaha.
Hehehe, tuloy tuloy lang......things happen for a reason.
Dito muna, just venting out my current situation.