Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"Servants in the Nest of a Foreigner"

This one is a novel written by one of our DH OFW based in Kuwait. This just shows that Pinoy maids can write their own books. It is common knowledge that many of our teachers are going overseas to work as DH. Sad, indeed.

Nay way, just as Steve Tamayo parlayed his salary as a hotel janitor in Kuwait and became a restaurant owner and an entrepreneur, Zenaida Magno capitalized on her being an OFW and wrote a book on her life.

Magno considers a pen her best friend "especially when I am alone" and although she considers her book, entitled "Servants in the Nest of a Foreigner" as fiction, she incorporated her experiences as a domestic worker in Kuwait in it.

In an article by Arab Times, Magno said she had always written even when in high school. As housemaid for a Kuwaiti family for 12 years, she said "I used to write whenever I used to feel homesick."

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