Monday, January 28, 2008

2008, thus far...

No doubt, money makes people happy. At least the security and peace of mind it provides. So what's up? How am I doing, and what will I do in a few months?

How am I doing online:

Adsense (for the month of January) - 500.00 dollars, 400 something as of today.
Nose Bleeding PP's (you know what I mean) - 600.00 dollars for January.
Will get paid (Feb.) by Kontera around - 160.00 dollars
Sponsors (links etc.) will be getting around 120.00 dollars for January.

Conservatively getting 1K a month now, online.

The nosebleeding PPs are expected to increase next month because I invested 100 dollars last month to buy a PR5 domain, populated it with content, and was got approved. It actually, for January, got 10 posts at around 25 dollars each. Investment recovered and more.


The La Nina of sorts saved me a lot of gasoline. I need to pump water to my rice fields - thus far, things looks great. I expect a record breaking harvest by March. Also, copra prices are its highest rates that I can remember.

The crown jewel - agri lending - is doing great than I expected. I probably reached its saturation point in the four communities that I am involved in. I am thinking the possibilities of expanding, late this year.

The transpo business, are remitting their returns as expected. There is no recession there, thus far, hehehe.


Now it had been almost 2 years since I left my job in KSA. It was a successful 2 years of being unemployed - and doing the things my way. Hehehehe. No regrets there, whatsoever.


There is now a wireless internet connection from Bayantel. I meet one of their sales person yesterday. I am planning to get one, to replace my current broadband connection, I will shift from desktop, to laptop blogging because:

1. I want to blog when I am in my farm 25 kilometers away from the City. I can sleep there now without the need to hurry back to the City - because I need to be online.

2. I want to blog by the beach ( when I am bored at home). Will buy a beach property in March, put a cottage on it, swim in the morning - blog - swim in the afternoon, and blog in the evening. Without a need to be in the City.

3. I can travel more now than before, because I will have with me my laptop, and my internet connection. Including the capacity to move money from Paypal to my Eon Card whenever the need arises.

I promise 2008 will be a good year.