Monday, December 10, 2007

Shiny Forehead and Hair Disappearing?

Are you worried your forehead is starting to be shiny, and hair starts disappearing? Then worry no more, the wonders of technology can rescue you from this problem. Do you know that there is a popular and successful modern medical technology called Hair Transplant? This is a medical procedure where hair strand can be planted on one person’s scalp or head. This will solve your baldness problems. The downside, as any great procedure, this will cost you a small amount of money.

So? Where can we get this procedure, and who has the reputation and experience to carry out hair transplants? One site I know is the; Dr. Shapiro does hair transplants for men and women in Florida. If you visit his website, you can check out interesting things about hair loss, and what are the things contributing to the problem, for example, - nutritionally - many folks interested in weight loss or muscle building are actually contributing to their hair loss because of the supplements they are taking. You can also view testimonials on his site from his previous patients.