Monday, December 10, 2007

Expect a Construction Boom Next Year

This is what I think, at least, in my island here in the Visayas; where a mall (Robinsons), will be constructed from December 2007 until around November next year. Another, is the refurbishing of the 2 airports here. Also, it seems 2 more subdivisions are underway, probably catering, primarily to OFWs, and government employees.

Is it a boom? What about in Manila, Cebu and Mindanao?

From the news today (PDI):

Due to lack of readily available office space, shopping malls are becoming the best alternative for business process outsourcing sites, according to the head of call center operator TeleTech.

In an interview, Maulik Parekh, TeleTech's general manager for Asia covering Malaysia, Hong Kong and the Philippines, said six out of the company's 10 facilities are located in malls.

Parekh announced TeleTech will open two more centers early next year, likewise located in malls. One will be at SM mall in San Fernando, Pampanga and the other in Robinson's mall in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

These new centers will house 1,700 and 1,000 seats, respectively, according to Parekh.


So? Do I need to say more? The OFWs surged this year, and they need house and lots. More Malls are being entice the dollars. I am really confused? People say "naghihirap tayo, at marami ang mahirap" but everytime I go inside Jolibee, or any shop, its takes time for me to get my order. Hay....