Monday, August 06, 2007

Land Title (TCT) and Tax Declaration

I am not sure if its my lucky day, but events like this excites me, hehehe. What is it? I just got a text message: Sir: ur TCT and Tax Declaration are ready, please pick them up. And another text message: Sir: can we see the lot you are selling?hehehe.

I posted a few weeks back that I bought cabs and lands. I never thought that processing the Transfer Certificate of Title and Tax Declaration would be this fast, hehehe.

Hay...I will buy another parcel of land adjacent to this land that I just bought on November when my cash flow is expected to improve.I have to, and will.

Why? Because I realized that the more assets that you have, the more agencies would provide you with loans. If you present a land title somewhere else as guarantee, most likely, the loan that you are seeking would be granted. It means, with a single pot of cash, you can actually own lands (with a little bit of foresight) in a pyramiding way - only that your loans would be astronomical, hehehe. What am I talking about?

Buy a piece of land, use it to get a loan, and use the loan proceeds to buy another land, and use it again to obtain a loan, and use again the loan proceeds to buy land, while advertising to sell lands in between this transactions. The important part of this activity are the profits in between, and you must be able to sell lands as fast as you acquire them. Mark up price? I dont know yet...but I am contemplating of 20 to 30% hehehehe.

Hay...hirap kumita ng pera.