Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Calicoan: the next Boracay?

How do you wish you where there first, before the boom comes? What I mean is, how would you wish to be able to invest in Boracay, 30 years ago, when it was cheap then? Or bought Google shares on its first day of trading? Yeah...I know Google is too far off as an example...where talking here about resorts and real state.

OK there is a chance, not in Boracay but in Calicoan. This island will probably be the next Boracay in the Visayas.

On the news:

Tacloban City (PIA) (August 12) -- A sanctuary of privacy and indulgence highlighted by tropical landscape and surrounded by the relaxing sound of the ocean – this is how Calicoan Beach and Surfing Resorts, which was launched on August 10, will win the hearts of local and international tourists.

Calicoan Island boasts of miles of white sand beaches. With powerful swells rolling in from the Pacific over the 10,000 meters Philippine Deep, Calicoan is a surfer's paradise.

The rich diversity of the area is evident when one sees the exotic species being sold. The surrounding waters support several marine based industries such as fish, seaweed, and pearl farming.

In the middle of the island are six lagoons ringed by forest, the largest being 30 hectares in size. At the cliffside margin of Calicoan's forests are dozens of caves. On the northern tip of Calicoan are wetlands like the Everglades , teeming with fish, shrimp, and crabs.

The Calicoan Island Resorts which covers an area of 11,163 square meters or more than 11 hectares, will soon start development, as announced by Mr. Timothy Brumlick, a director of the Calicoan Island Resort Development Corporation.

Designed by Citibase Development, Inc., in conjunction with C.D. Arguelles and Associates, the Calicoan Island Resorts will soon start construction at the scenic Calicoan Island in Guiuan, Eastern Samar, facing the ground swell and wind wave Pacific Ocean on one side and the placid and flat Leyte Gulf waters at the west side, Department of Tourism Regional Office 8 Director Karina Rosa Tiopes informed.

The $150-160M resort will have the largest pool in the Philippines and will feature an eight storey 240 rooms with balconies, a casino, a medical clinic for cosmetic surgery, a sports complex and 20 private villas, functional homes in two sizes, and other Entertainment facilities.

With the road networks of the entire resort area and the drainage systerm and water facilities already ongoing, and the communication cellsites of Globe and Smart which will start soon, the construction of the hotel will start early January 2008 and two years after, the resort will already be ready to accept tourists.

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