Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Rare, wild breed, Patani Chicken

I was invited last Thursday to a river resort inside the guts of the island of Leyte. One of the guests was from a moutain somewhere in the island and he brought for the group cooked rare, wild breed, Patani Chicken. The meat was black, the taste extremely good. The chicken was believed to withstand common diseases like "tukwaw" among others.

After the event, I asked my brothers and friends if they have seen or tasted a Patani Chicken - and not one answered in the affirmative. So, I asked my mother, if in her 70 years, had she tasted a Patani Chicken - and she said yes...40 years ago and the meat was black.

I have searched the internet about this Patani Chicken - and I cannot find any substantial information, or maybe I am just using the wrong keyword.

Anyhow...I will embark for a travel to visit the place where this chicken was found, and I am interested of getting a photo, and behavioural description to post on this blog.

Let us wait...what I will come up. If you have any information about this chicken, please post a link or email me.