Saturday, April 14, 2007

Going Diving

My last dive was last year in KSA, in one of the resorts near Al Khobar. The dive was to justify the expansion/reclamation project of one of the Saudi billionaires located on that exclusive site. That resort has amazing wildlife inside its compound and it included girrafes, horses, dolphins, huge groupers among others.

This time (the plan), I am diving in one of the most beautiful places on earth, on Eastern Visayas, in the Philippines. I have been there once, way back in 2002, and most of the areas are covered with 100% hard and soft corals, and with amazing underwater wildlife. That place is the Biri Group of islands in Northern Samar. Samar has many beautiful places that can easily be developed into profitable tourist destinations, but the downside is the insurgency i.e., the security of visitors and tourists, if you know what I mean.

Now going diving, we have to have a checklist of what we need to prepare and bring. Here is what I found on the net:

1) Important ID and Documents

Personal Identification (i.e. your driver’s license)
Certification card (C-card)
Dive log and pen
Dive tables
Gear checklist

2) Scuba Gear Checklist

Gear Bag
Snorkel and keeper
Booties, gloves and hood
Weights and weight belt
BCD – Buoyancy Compensator Device
Regulator and Alternate/Secondary Regulator (octopus)
Air Tank
Alternate Air Source
Dive Knife
Dive Light ( This I will escape, I do not have plans for a night dive)
Dive Flag
Underwater Camera ( I will forget about this, I flooded two cameras before)
Dive Watch
Dive Computer

3. Accomodation.

Enjoy the summer!