Monday, January 29, 2007

Revised senatorial bets

The political landscape have been changing the past few days. I am personally disgusted that names like Sotto, Oreta and Marcos are being considered in the administration slate. I am starting to believe that the current political make up of the Arroyo adminstration is going down the drain. I will seriously campaign for my Senate bets, and I can personally guarantee around 40 to 50 votes. This is miniscule of the tiny, I know. But this is how I will contribute to the politics of this country. My new choices are:

1. Francis Escudero
2. Nereus Acosta
3. Florencio Abad
4. Francis Pangilinan
5. Benigno Aquino III
6. Lorenzo TaƱada III
7. Rufino Biazon
8. Joker Arroyo
9. Ralph Recto
10. Manuel Villar
11. Mike Defensor
12. Juan Miguel Zubiri