Thursday, January 25, 2007

Google Page Rank

This site suffered a loss of one rank, from PR4 to PR 3. I don’t know the reason why. My links increased over time, but then my rank decreased. I am not complaining. I know there's a reason why. On the other hand, three of my sites got PR3, from PR0. Of course, I am not complaining, hehehe. There was also good reason why my 3 sites obtained PR3.

Further, I observed that if I entered my site without the www, the PR would be reduced by one. Likewise, in another site, if I added www, it would increase its rank by one. So it’s a bit fluid for now, but what is important is I got PR3 for three of my sites.


On another topic, my senatorial bets in my previous post I excluded Allan Cayetano on my list, why? The reasons are as follows:

1. Pia is already in the Senate.

2. He is getting an unusual airtime from ABSCBN, and there is a reason for this, why. Remember ABSCBN and Meralco are one. Meralco still has to work their way out of the overcharging case at the tune of 39 billion pesos. So? He is going to be a Trojan in the Senate, a virus.

3. Poor performance in congress, what has he got to show apart from hot air?

4. I wanted to see the Arroyo’s pinned for corruption, if they were true. But it seems, all he’s got are hot air. No evidence. Anyone can accuse anybody of anything – but for him to do it for media mileage because he is running for the Senate leaves a bitter taste. A sign that he is going to be a worst trapo, ever. I feel he is simply fooling us to get elected in the Senate.

5. He is too noisy, and we have a saying. Ang latang maingay ay ____. Ang balong malalim ay___.

Thus, I prefer Escudero a lot. He is a mile away better than Cayetano.