Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A love story connected through Pinoy X

If you checked my comments box on my previous post, there is a letter there from Carol, and let me quote her:

Hala....ganito pala dito.. ang pwede lang magcomment eh puro kapwa blogger lang din. Ayan napa-sign up tuloy ako ng wala sa oras. huwag sana ako maadik magpost!

Mang Mocs.. obviously you don't know me... I just want to thank you kase naging instrumental ka po na mahanap ko si "the one" i hope. hehehe

A year and a month ago, I was reading the when I got curious sa blog daw ni Manuel Quezon III. Then next thing i know, I was reading Rasheed's blog. Then I found you sa link nya. I have to admit that the biggest attraction for me to read your blog is the fact that you're from Saudi. Ano naman kaya ang pwedeng sabihin ng isang taga-Saudi di ba? Ang topic ng blog mo eh is about how you managed to saved up and acquired all those properties. Everyone is mocking you except for this "one guy." I was like, ang baet naman ng taong 'to at di natakot salungatin ung comment ng iba. I checked out his blog... and that's how our love story started then:)

Eto nga, we're taking a big leap. We will meet in Pinas.

He suggested nga sa akin na makipag-EB sa yo. Sayang, di namin kaya to go to the southern part of the country.

Well, we don't know what's gonna happen to us, but we will be always grateful to you. God Bless Mang Mocs and keep on blogging!


Dear Carol and MasterB,

Pinoy X is kilig to the bones with your love story. I am happy that this humble blog played a part in making your hearts beat together. Ka-ingit naman, hehehe. MasterB, 2 days na lang makikita mo na ang labs mo!

I wish you both a Happy New Year...and a sweet na sweet EB. Sana tuloy na tuloy na yan. Send me an e-invitation sa inyong pag-iisang dibdib.

Best regards,

Pinoy X

PS: Just call me Mocs, hehehe I am just in my 30's.