Monday, January 01, 2007

10 Most Popular Science Stories for 2006

1. Missing link walking-fish fossils awe scientists
2. First cancer vaccine approved
3. Claim of reversed human evolution sparks skepticism, interest
4. Dolphins may name themselves
5. One universe or many? A panel debates
6. Study: red wine substance extends life, counteracts bad diet
7. Skepticism greets claim of possible alien microbes
8. Oldest known ritual: python worship, archaeologist says
9. Drastic speedup in Arctic melting forecast
10. Human, chimp lineages interbred after splitting, study suggests

My favorite in this list is number 2, first cancer vaccine approved. Let us just hope this medicine really works. Definitely this will save millions of lives all over the world. The vaccine called Gardasil, is designed to block four strains of the human papilloma virus. Two of these give rise to nearly three-fourths of cervical cancer cases; two others cause about half the cases of genital warts.

This is good news for all women.