Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Happy New Year and 2006 Recap

Woh, 2006 is almost over. And so, this post is my sort of recap for the whole year. How am I doing? And what do I expect for 2007?


I finally decided to leave my job in KSA for reasons detailed in my earlier posts. Therefore, I have been jobless for seven months now. Fortunately my incomes in KSA were sort of properly invested, and so I do not have much financial worries as of now or in the foreseeable future, unless major events that would require large cash occur.

My investments are all passive that they do not require much attention from me. My farm loan business would only require my attention twice a year, and even that I have somebody in charge. My transportation business is managed also by somebody, and all the manager got to do on a daily basis is to deposit money into my account. So does my school supplies Manager. I seldom see these guys in a month.

Therefore, I have all the time to myself, my escapades, travels, readings, blogs, and TV hahaha.

So what is my plan for 2007?

I realized much of my assets are locked in real estate, i.e. the lots I purchased, and agricultural lands. I somehow need to monetize them to create more passive source of income.


I have created a few more blogs. Until June 2006, my online earning was only around 2 dollars a month! Now this has increased tremendously, and let us just says it has increased to 3 figures, which is not bad at all. I now earn the two dollars in a few hours.

So what is my plan for 2007?

I admit I am new to internet, and blogging. I just learned HTML, and worse it has become now XHTML, which I do not have any idea. It took a lot of experimentation, and page refreshing to check my blog design experiments, hahaha.

So, I probably will enroll for a computer course on website making and design, something like that. And since I do not have a credit card, I probably will have to obtain one this year. And before 2007 is over, I must have launched a more sophisticated web business of some sort. I hope I can find partners on this endeavor.


My scholarship program will be continued. Hopely, one will graduate next year. Thus far, I will maintain my current four scholars until the finances become available. Also, I will continue my sponsorship of the community basketball team that we have. And of course, the occasional financial/medical assistance to some people.

Other plans

I am planning to go to Law School this coming school year. I am still assessing myself if I still have the stamina, and will to finish this, and if my memory is still good enough to survive the challenges.

Happy and Prosperous New Year.