Sunday, November 19, 2006


Six months ago, I decided to quit my job! I decided to be lazy…on my terms, that is watch TV whenever I like, be on the internet and blog whenever I like, and even get drunk anyday, anywhere, and anykind, anytime (1 pm, hehehe). Also, travel anywhere whenever I got the itch of going…anywhere, anytime.

Gone are the days of bosses, work schedules, deadlines, office politics, blah blah, hehehe.

This is what I told my friend and his reply was…..What? Don’t you have any responsibility? No dependents?

Well…. Ever since I quit my job I have become a sort of a Charity institution. Taya ako palagi sa inuman, and I have scholars (3), I still pay my mothers meds, the electric bill, cable, telephone, water, DSL, repairs and salaries of house and shop helps etc. hehehe.

And I am still doing fine…financially, so far. Until when? …I don’t know.

What did I do?


If you have been following my blog for a while now, you will know that my father was a Porter, and my Mom used to be a labandera. So there is no inheritance money involve.

What I did was work…save…and invest. That is

1. I spend less that what I earned (save).
2. I directed the money saved to do its work (invest). I decided not be slave of money, but to make money my slave, kuno, hehehe. Thus far, I have been goading my money to work and work for me.
3. I took a few risks (losses) …but earned something (lessons) .
4. And waited for parity.

What’s parity?

I calculated how much is my spending budget for a month, say 35K, and the moment my investments started earning 35K a month, I reach parity. To be safe, I waited parity + 20%. The 20% was used to roll over the funds to ensure that I have a cushion for inflation blah blah, and growth for my investments.

So I am enjoying now the so called “parity thing” + 20%.


My dilemma is,.. I am getting bored. My plan is either go back to school again (kaya ko pa kaya?), or blog more than my appetite could handle, or expand my businesses, or start traveling again, or find a job again, near my home… something…anything that would make me busy.

What have I been doing? Well…what I have been doing the past few days was cook some great food, and shop for Christmas gifts, hehehe.

I have to do something. Boredom is not my cup of tea.

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