Friday, November 17, 2006

Cebu International Convention Center

I have read a few days back, in the newspapers that Teddy Casino, the Bayan Muna rep that is descending to become a trapo, that he will file a resolution to investigate the construction of the CICC, calling it "Imeldefic" which simply means a grand waste of money.

From the Sunstar: "Bayan Muna Representative Teodoro CasiƱo described the project as "Imeldific" and he fears it will end up "unused and underutilized" like the Manila Film Center, a project of former first lady Imelda Marcos." tell him, the people of similar political colors with him ( in Vietnam), according to the news from the National Post prepared a much more Imeldefic structure for the APEC summit, than the Cebu's CICC, and I quote:

The centrepiece of the two-day summit is the National Convention Centre, a grand, $300-million building constructed on 64 hectares of land that used to be a rice field. Built of marble, with a wave-like roof, it was built in two years but has no clear purpose beyond the APEC meetings, though Vietnam hopes it will attract international events in the future.

The Philippines venue for the ASEAN Summit.... "The CICC is a joint venture of Capitol, which spent P450 million for the construction of CICC, and the Mandaue City Government, which owns the 3.8-hectare property where the center is located."

How much is 450 million pesos in dollars? 9 million right? And this Bayan Muna guy is complaining? I am starting to believe, that he is not only a communist, but an e-dyut as well, hehehe.