Monday, September 11, 2006


I confess I suffer from mild depression from time to time. When it hits me, I forcefully do the following:

1. I don’t ride, I walk…in the sun. (After getting wet from perspiration, nakakatulong din ito na mawala ang depression ko).
2. I eat a bunch of bread, hot bread. I read somewhere that this helps.
3. I open all the doors and windows in the house, and play loud music.
4. I go to church and give alms to some people, make me feel good.

And if it’s really worse, I packed my bags and go away. I go to Cebu, (when I am in the Philippines) to window shop, watch movies, eat a lot of good food, etc. And of course, the best therapy ever is to be in bed with your love one, just huggin….and..

Hay….. when D hits me, my mantra are as follows:

a. “ this too, will pass”
b. “ things happen for a reason”
c. “ if it’s for you, it will be yours”, of course you have to work for it.

Blah blah….hehehe.