Thursday, November 24, 2005

Rich Walled Compound 2

We went back to the "rich walled compound" again yesterday. I dived around the vicinity of the compound to take photographs for our report. This is after many years of not diving. My last dived was 7 years ago in one of the islands in the central Philippines.

My body ached all over, you know… carrying those scuba tanks, lugging a weight belt, kicking underwater, and climbing back into the boat. I have to re-learn controlled breathing underwater again, so as to not scare the fishes I want to photograph; and I also have to re-learn buoyancy control again and learn to steady my hands underwater to get good shots.

In the afternoon, still dizzy after five dives, I had a discussiĆ³n and debate with three PhDs belonging to three nationalities, believe it or not, about metric conversions, i.e. ug/g, ug/kg, ng/g units hehehehe, and about Chrysene, a molecular component of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons analyzed by our labs. We are trying to determine kong….ano ba talaga…. kuya?

After the meeting,…this is how my Boss put it: " This is a puzzle we have to re/solve, as soon as possible. Mocs take charge and solve it or I'll hang your head (joke of course)! Meet with Dr. so and so, and Dr. so and so about the matter."

Goodness I am back to pressure cooker regime again! WAF.

Hay….hirap kumita ng pera.