Friday, November 18, 2005

Philippine Products (kuno)

I went to the Al Rammah grocery again to buy “monay” bread. Beside the bread section were canned and bottled goods from the Philippines. I was there for about 2 minutes to check the products and here’s what I found interesting.

1. Manila Sauteed Shrimp Fry (Ginisang Alamang)

Comment: Note the words “ginisang alamang” are Filipino words, and again note the word “Manila”. For a Pinoy who wanted to buy bottled bagoong alamang na ginisa, he would think this is made in the Philippines. Pero….it is made in Thailand!

2. King Master Soy Sauce – Lasang Pinoy.

Comment: This is a bottled "toyo" but made in Taiwan.

3. Manila Special Soy Sauce.

Comment: This is also a bottled "toyo" made in Singapore.

Siguro pag inimbentaryo ko ang boung tindahan I would find many products purportedly Philippine made pero hindi. Sa totoo lang marami products dito, using familiar Filipino words and brands na akala mo ay gawa sa Pilipinas pero when you check carefully…ay gawa pala sa ibang bansa.
Pagnakabili na ako ng camera (I used to have a digital camera pero binigay ko sa kapatid ko when I went for vacation last month), I will take pictures of these products and post them here. I will also make a list.The DTI and our embassies should check into this. Tama ba ito? It mislead Pinoys into buying certain products they believe are Philippine made, pero hindi pala.