Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Nigerian Scam Part 3

And today I got a reply from the man.

Dear friend,

I got your mail and your details, I will be informing the security compnay about you and also letting them know now that you are the new beneficiary and that they should make contact with you to inform you of the procedure. I will also be speaking with the lawyer who will prepare the letter of authority that will empower you to represent me and act as my partner.

like i told you early on i will want you to take charge of things from now as i cant be able to do much now because of my condition. any discussion you have with the security company keep me updated, i pray that you will be truthfull and i want to assure you too that there is nothing for you to be afraid of as this will not cause you any problems.

I will keep you informed by tomorrow on how we will move forward.

God Bless,


I dont know what he is going to write next. But I will indulge him. I know this is a hoax, so I guess there is nothing to worry about. I just hope he wont call me in the wee hours of the night to disturb me.

Lets see what's going to happen next. Abangan.