Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Nigerian Scam Part 2

And so, yesterday I got this reply:

Dear Mocs,

Am glad to receive your mail.

All i need you to do is to represent me in making sure that this funds is released to you and that you will help me donate it to different charity homes after you have taking you own percentage. You have to have an account that can contain such money and you have to promise me that you will donate the money to the charity homes once the funds gets to your account.

You will be made the sole beneficary of this funds now you be responsible to make clearance of this consignemnt from the security company in holland, i will inform the security company about you and give them your details and also give to them the authority to release the consignment containing the funds to you and also i will send to you the certificarte of deposit that you will send to the security company to prove that you are the rightfull beneficiary.

You will be the one that have to find out the charity homes you wish to donate the funds to. if you cant be able to put all the money into your account then you can explain to the security company that you wish for them to help you open an account where you can lodge in the funds and from there transfer to the different charity homes.

I cant be able to tranvel now and i do not want members of my family to know about this donation as they will do anything possibel to take the money for there selfish interest as it has happened in the past. Once you agree to assist i will send to you the copy of the certificate and also give you the contact details of the security company. I need you also to gvie me your full details like your full name city and contact numbers that i will forward to the security company.

There is no risk involved in this and the security company will do everything according to the laws of there country and make sure that this consignemnt is released to you legaly and that if any transfer has to be made it has to be through bank to bank thats after the have cleared the consignment and release it to you by this way you will not have any problem from your authorities, as in regards to the orign of this funds.

This funds is not gotten from any illegal buisness and i will want you even to travel to see things for your self by going to the security company. if you have any futher questions please do ask so that i can explain.

Expecting your reply


To this email I replied giving him my phone number, but phony address and name.