Saturday, November 17, 2012

SMS Tax should have been done long ago

Christine Lagarde, Managing Director, Internat...
Christine Lagarde, Managing Director, International Monetary Fund (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Today's news quoted the International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde suggesting to the Philippine economic managers that taxing the billions of SMS sent on a daily basis in the Philippines could help the country raise money for many of its projects.

IMO, this should have been done long ago! Sadly, the lobbyists from Telecom companies are powerful in Congress, so passing a law towards this was almost near impossible particulalrly during the past administration.It can be remembered that a bill planning to impose a five-centavo tax on SMS messages has already been defeated in Congress in 2009

Let us wait and see if this can be done now that that Pnoy is at the helm.


As a side note, the Philippine economy is doing great despite great odds and the problematic world economy particularly in Europe and USA. 

“You will be interested to know that this year, 2012, at a very difficult time because of the financial crisis in other parts of the world, the Philippines is probably the only country of which we have increased the growth forecast as opposed to other places in the world where we decreased our forecast,” Lagarde said in a press briefing.

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