Sunday, November 18, 2012

How Aman Futures Group Phils. Inc. able to scam people

English: View along Rizal Avenue, Pagadian Cit...
English: View along Rizal Avenue, Pagadian City, Philippines. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Clearly it was a pyramiding scam operation. Aman Futures Group Phils. Inc.was able to duped billions in Visayas and Mindanao because investors were blinded by the interests rates and easy money being offered by the group. Greed ruled the day!

If it is too good to be true...avoid it! If you cannot, make sure you are in the first row. Only the first and early investors were able to recover their first/initial investments. Those who made money as early investors were the proof needed by Aman Futures Group Phils. Inc. to duped billions from unsuspecting investors. Many people were able to double their money after a few days, and it convinced more people to invest in the scheme. But when the pot was already filled in the billions...the scammers disappeared! 


Sad...Retired school supervisor Cristituto Potayre of Pagadian City had hoped to triple his  retirement pay after 30 days when he invested with Aman Futures Group Phils. Inc.;  apparently unable to accept his loss, Potayre committed suicide. 

And there are more cases of similar nature that is happening to people and investors now in Visayas and Mindanao. Sad.

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